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Do you find yourself annoyed by little children hanging out at the mall wearing bondage pants and ties?

Are you, perhaps, annoyed even more by their older and even more pathetic counterparts who bitch and moan about poseurs, Avril, Good Charlotte, and Blink 182... as though Dashboard Confessional, Atreyu, Death Cab for Cutie or whatever the fuck else is so much better?

Do you find yourself battling your gag reflex when you hear the words "show," "emo-screamo," "Sid and Nancy," or "straight edge"?

Has the world of punk rock turned your friends into stupid assholes who say things like "never conform, dude!" yet all wear identical pairs of Converse All-Stars and Dickies?

Are you just plain sick of the bullshit? Sick of more obscure bands being better bands despite their lesser quality, sick of people picking apart each other because of music that is decidedly crappy by definition?

Indeed, punks are very annoying. Let's kill them all, rape their women, eat their babies, and steal their HXC PUNK compact discs! Or worse yet, their MIX TAPES!!!!!111

Got any questions? Particularly, are you an angry punk who is outraged by this community? Your maintainer, testarossa, would like to deliver a big fat FUCK YOU.

puh puh puh pweesh help! i am s0 punk & wtf?!!11 y am i hear???

o yz bc i am a retarded ..., lozl!

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