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Punks Suck's Journal
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Thursday, April 30th, 2009
11:47 pm
Call me pathetic
Green Day is releasing a new album on May 15th, titled 21st Century Breakdown. Below is a widget where you can check out the new single, Know Your Enemy, and follow what the band has going on right now.

(Don't like it? I don't care.:D)
Friday, June 9th, 2006
10:24 pm
Hear me out
Hmm, well...
I've got spiked hair Johnny Rotten style, studded leather jacket and safety pins through my ear...
Does this make me "punk"? Heck no.
Does it make me clueless? No.
Does it mean I want rules for "punks" to follow? No.
But most people shout punk after me and most of the records I listen to can be found in the "punk" section.
To me, “punk” is a set of values in life and it's got nothing to do with a certain style, switching hairdo doesn’t change your personality.
But whether I like it or not, the wonderful ideas from 77 are all gone, “punk” is dead and what we’ve got now ain’t much better than any other subculture that mass media has consumed and spat back out.
But try to see it from my (other) point of view: I’ve been lost and “weird” for as long as I can remember and when I found punk it just felt so completely right, everything about it. I’ve never even met anyone who’s so up-tight and ridiculous as the examples you listed and going to the right concert feels like coming home – do you really think I should step back from it cause it isn’t original anymore?
Now I know about the irony deal and how fun it must be to get “punks” all worked up and blah blah.
I think about those things a lot and it’s hard to know what to make of it all, so I thought this might be a good place to start a discussion on the subject – just don’t think you’ve made me offended... it takes more than that.

...I joined. Hi everybody.

Current Mood: blank
Monday, May 29th, 2006
11:58 pm
It never ceases to amaze me...
This community is a perfect example of why our society is fucked.

1)Infinite amount of examples of pure, and ridiculous ignorance.

2)A group about hate perpetuates hate throughout society, even if it's against one particular subculture(even if the punk subculture is inaccurately described in this group)


I am just wondering how kids are really so clueless about punk.
I think it is safe to say that the majority of people in this group really have no idea about punk. Maybe some. but most, are clueless.

I joined this group because I hate punks. Not really. I love the irony I've created by joining this group. Irony amuses me.

If anybody can convince me they know what "punk" is or they are "punk," please respond to this. I am really intrigued by you, so I WILL be awaiting some responses...

Current Mood: tired
Monday, May 22nd, 2006
12:19 pm

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acoustic rock

Promise of Redemption

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Wednesday, December 28th, 2005
3:46 am
punx rule!!1
i am a punk and i am highly offended by this community. u all r just jelous. i am a tru punk i listen to real punk bands sex pistols rancid the ramones and u all can just listen to ur stupid rap. u all just dont understand us were unique and u all r all the same. anarchy kiks ass. fuK u all.
Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
10:38 am
i have an idea.
There's a lot of bullshit going down in this community. However, there's a fair amount of intelligent opinions being stated as well. What I don't understand is, why did half of you join this community? So my idea is, state what it is you don't like about this group of people you don't like for which this community was formed. Now, people can see exactly what it is that makes "punks," or whoever it is we're really talking about here, eligible to be criticized in this little online community of ours. Because, come on, let's face it, even if you think this community is stupid and pointless and you just joined it to laugh at people's posts (which several of you claim to have done), you're still a part of it. There was SOME reason you all joined. So I'll start. I joined because after reading the info for this community, it seemed to be a group of people with negative feelings toward kids who dress in the "punk rock" fashion trend that is so popular these days, but do not actually seem to like the music that is acceptable to be liked in order to dress this way. It sounds strange, eh? But for some reason, I felt angry at these kids too. Kids who like pop-punk that's on MTV and the radio tend to be, well... rather annoying, because they just act like they know more than everyone else, and can be arrogant and ignorant. Being from New Jersey, there's quite a "scene," around my town, and the kids that are a part of it tend to piss me off. Not all of them, but a lot of them. I think many of you may know the type of kids I am describing. Anyway, that's my reason for joining. It's not really to make fun of these people, but to vent about how ridiculous they are. But is that really how it should be? Because we're saying they're elitist, yet at the same time, this community itself is making US elitist.

... I guess that's just how it goes. I hope to see some responses. Oh, and just so everyone knows - I do like punk rock. But I also like a lot of other types of music, mainly types that have been created by true musicians (for example - Bob Marley, the Beatles, ELO, and Eminem). That's the reason I tend to look down on pop, because I don't really consider those "musicians" to be very talented (just look at Ashlee Simpson - her songs are catchy, sure, but she LIP SYNCHS! I have no respect for her.) ...
Monday, August 15th, 2005
7:25 pm
Friday, July 15th, 2005
6:42 pm
Sunday, June 26th, 2005
3:01 am
Mi gusta punk rock
I just found this community, and I find it amazingly hilarious.

The angry posts from kids who are offended by the community are one thing, but the addition of, "Omg, are you a little kid? FUCK OFF I HATE YOU PUNK U R UNORIGINAL" are like icing on the cake.

I joined this community for its elite brand of entertainment. You all are analyzing one another and picking apart stupid people for being stupid like elitest losers who spend way too much time on the Internet. That's great. It'd be cool if that were the purpose of the community.


Keep it up. :)

And I hate all brands of kids. They fuck with my car while I'm working. I think kids should just be put to sleep from the ages of 13-19.

Current Mood: amused
Friday, June 24th, 2005
12:14 pm
I drank a case of whiskey
And you looked like Jeanine Jizm
I drank another case of whiskey
And you looked like Roseanne Barr

You were to ugly to rape, so I beat you up
When I looked at you, I had to throw up

I drank a case of whiskey
And you looked like Sheila Micheals
I drank another case of everclear
And you looked like Ileana Douglas
Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
3:18 pm
5:13 pm
Hi, my name is Ritter Jones. I love the Clash, the Sex Pistols and NOFX. But I just found out that they are not "punk" so I'm probably not going to listen to them anymore. This community is stupid and offensive for punks like me. I fought the law and the law won. I hate my parents!!!!1112345454534234

Punk is better than pop and rap put together, not to mention raggaeton. Punks are better than you posh tools and rappers. You all do what everyone else does and that disgusts me. You have no personality, unlike us punks. thx and plz do not ban me.
11:10 am
lol i saw the intrests and thought i might fit in at this community well..................................................................................
im slightly offended by the info but no worries
well what to say i am sara, im from new jersey (like the misfits, yea. punk.) i like punk and i am punk, fuck the government cause bush SUCKS!!!!! um thats all lol
3:16 am
lets get raunchy
Saturday, June 18th, 2005
4:36 pm
Punk is dead. Shave your head.
Saturday, June 11th, 2005
8:33 am
i have a question/request for anyone in the toronto area.

would anyone be willing to put me and my friend up the night of june 21 and 22?

we are from iowa and are riding a bus to the nofx show and dont really have any money to stay in a hotel. and it would be awesome if you could help us.

we are two nice kids who aren't going to break your stuff, eat your food, fuck your sister ect. and your kindness will be repaid with dinner or beer or something.

if your interested or have any questions please leave me a comment.

thanks, kyle.
Thursday, April 21st, 2005
8:07 pm
Does anyone know where i can purchase some sweet combat boots? i've been looking for some bright neon laces also...

let me know.

<3 Princess Oi.
Friday, April 15th, 2005
11:14 pm
The Great Atlantic Punx Picnic
The Great Atlantic Punx Picnic

This year the GAPP will be held in Baltimore City, MD


The Punx Picnic is a mass gathering of underground punks from all over the country, but primarily east coast based. It is a chance for punks old and new to gather, talk, hang out, to act like hippies & play sports (like ultimate frisbee & Wiffle Ball) catch up on old and new times.. meet other travelers.


What to Expect This year?

This will be updated, but so far we're set for, May 28th

12pm noon-- Mass Feeding Begins, Cook out with vegetarian/Vegan food, games, sports, BEER (byob), workshops, distros, FUN! and did I say BEER?

3pm -- Acoustic Folk Show commenses, featuring Various artists: including

Counterfeit matt
Tom, the cops!(from call the cops)
Drunken Shyster (tribute to Woody Guthrie)
Savory James

6pm -- Punk Rock Convoy through the city to where the Show will be located.
We're working on booking an Awesome headlining band.

Show later (about 6 -7 blocks from the park)
$6 even. 10$ if you can spare it (for the bands yo)

The Knox (Boston Fucking Street Punk)
Aghast (Punk Rock from VA)
Group36 (street punk from VA)
Disease Called Man (DC punk)
Trash Camp (Baltimore Disco Thrash)
S.Q.N.S. (street punk from NYC)
Call the cops (Baltimore Punk fucking rock)

Later: Drunken Antics. The show will run late, the party will never end

This will be an awesome show


Workshops/Distro (so far) By:


Art Not Ads
Chuck Obstruct 'On distilling liquor'
Tom Chaos 'On Alcohol Withdrawal


JJKRUST OWNS!! (patch Distro)
Pitch Black Rage zine distro
Liz's Distro

Various distro and other possible workshops... if you're planning on tabling or doing a workshop, and want it on the flyer, email me or contact me via aim-- Anarchistpoet9


Bring: Vegan/Vegetarian Food (so everyone can eat), games, tables, chairs, grills, plates, forks, trash bags, Beer!, coolers, distros, workshops, and any other picnic related shit.

Don't Bring: Shitty attitudes, stupidity, violence, bullshit, your little sister, and non-alcoholic beer



For directions 'n other info Contact:

AIM -- Anarchistpoet9
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
12:11 am
Im not too sure on everything, so im not going to state my opinion on punk...i just have a question....okay its the "punk rock" thing to wear combat boots, right? (coz punk rock is THE COOL THING TO WEAR ACROSS UR FOREHEAD NOW..)hmm...in buying combat boots doesn't most of the money go to the government? (yes depending on where u got them but u get what im saying, and anyways if someone goes to a hip fasionable store for those...coz they are so punk....wow...) and it puzzles me why a group of people who claim to hate the government and hate structure would...well put their money towards it...?


p.s...im not saying all punks wear combat boots...get over urself.

Current Mood: curious
Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
11:49 am
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