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Hear me out

Hmm, well...
I've got spiked hair Johnny Rotten style, studded leather jacket and safety pins through my ear...
Does this make me "punk"? Heck no.
Does it make me clueless? No.
Does it mean I want rules for "punks" to follow? No.
But most people shout punk after me and most of the records I listen to can be found in the "punk" section.
To me, “punk” is a set of values in life and it's got nothing to do with a certain style, switching hairdo doesn’t change your personality.
But whether I like it or not, the wonderful ideas from 77 are all gone, “punk” is dead and what we’ve got now ain’t much better than any other subculture that mass media has consumed and spat back out.
But try to see it from my (other) point of view: I’ve been lost and “weird” for as long as I can remember and when I found punk it just felt so completely right, everything about it. I’ve never even met anyone who’s so up-tight and ridiculous as the examples you listed and going to the right concert feels like coming home – do you really think I should step back from it cause it isn’t original anymore?
Now I know about the irony deal and how fun it must be to get “punks” all worked up and blah blah.
I think about those things a lot and it’s hard to know what to make of it all, so I thought this might be a good place to start a discussion on the subject – just don’t think you’ve made me offended... it takes more than that.

...I joined. Hi everybody.
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