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It never ceases to amaze me...

This community is a perfect example of why our society is fucked.

1)Infinite amount of examples of pure, and ridiculous ignorance.

2)A group about hate perpetuates hate throughout society, even if it's against one particular subculture(even if the punk subculture is inaccurately described in this group)


I am just wondering how kids are really so clueless about punk.
I think it is safe to say that the majority of people in this group really have no idea about punk. Maybe some. but most, are clueless.

I joined this group because I hate punks. Not really. I love the irony I've created by joining this group. Irony amuses me.

If anybody can convince me they know what "punk" is or they are "punk," please respond to this. I am really intrigued by you, so I WILL be awaiting some responses...
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if you think this community, whether your interpretation of it or not, is a representation of how our society is fucked, you have a lot to learn.
This community was made as a complete joke. We wait for some people to come up here going on about fascism and swearing, and we rip them to shreds for being such a moron. Seeing as your post here was actually intellectual with some thought behind it, I see no reason to continue that with you.
I figured out that it was a complete joke...I like jokes though. I just thought I'd give some insight on how this funny community actually reflects society. It still makes me laugh though.
I've always loved this community. There's been some quality ass-tearing done before.
I'm sure that anybody can define the word "Punk"...
I don't like them either...but I think there are some who can relate themself to the hole punk scene...
and i LOVE irony ;)
The only definition of punk I know of is "The most un-punk thing is to have a set of rules to be punk."

I love punk kids. Well, smart ones at least.

But yeah, people that like irony, are cool with me!

Except whoever it was that wrote the profile page of this community.
yeah, but i think..that's the irony...the most punk-kids are smart...but they obviosly can't describe the word "punk"
...because they aren't ;)