Lauren (bittersweet627) wrote in fuckpunks,

i have an idea.

There's a lot of bullshit going down in this community. However, there's a fair amount of intelligent opinions being stated as well. What I don't understand is, why did half of you join this community? So my idea is, state what it is you don't like about this group of people you don't like for which this community was formed. Now, people can see exactly what it is that makes "punks," or whoever it is we're really talking about here, eligible to be criticized in this little online community of ours. Because, come on, let's face it, even if you think this community is stupid and pointless and you just joined it to laugh at people's posts (which several of you claim to have done), you're still a part of it. There was SOME reason you all joined. So I'll start. I joined because after reading the info for this community, it seemed to be a group of people with negative feelings toward kids who dress in the "punk rock" fashion trend that is so popular these days, but do not actually seem to like the music that is acceptable to be liked in order to dress this way. It sounds strange, eh? But for some reason, I felt angry at these kids too. Kids who like pop-punk that's on MTV and the radio tend to be, well... rather annoying, because they just act like they know more than everyone else, and can be arrogant and ignorant. Being from New Jersey, there's quite a "scene," around my town, and the kids that are a part of it tend to piss me off. Not all of them, but a lot of them. I think many of you may know the type of kids I am describing. Anyway, that's my reason for joining. It's not really to make fun of these people, but to vent about how ridiculous they are. But is that really how it should be? Because we're saying they're elitist, yet at the same time, this community itself is making US elitist.

... I guess that's just how it goes. I hope to see some responses. Oh, and just so everyone knows - I do like punk rock. But I also like a lot of other types of music, mainly types that have been created by true musicians (for example - Bob Marley, the Beatles, ELO, and Eminem). That's the reason I tend to look down on pop, because I don't really consider those "musicians" to be very talented (just look at Ashlee Simpson - her songs are catchy, sure, but she LIP SYNCHS! I have no respect for her.) ...
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